Haptic Synapses live at Empire Seven Studios, June 26 2013

We were lucky enough to be invited to play at the SF Design Week in Silicon Valley event at Joe Miller’s solo show “Mass Produced Original Thought” at Empire Seven Studios. It was an amazing body of thought provoking art, and I’m really glad to say we had a great session and everyone was really happy with how it went.

Photo by Natacha Madrigal

Photo by Joe Miller

Tools: Alesis IODock for iPad


I just got my Alesis IODock for iPad. It solves some serious live performance problems for me!! Here they are:

1. Playing my iPad live is awesome, but keeping it powered up is a decision between power and midi data. Previously, I would plug in the camera connection kit for midi or a power plug. No more. The IODock has power to keep my iPad charging while in use, and a square style USB port.

2. Speaking of midi… Previously I’d have to connect a midi out usb device from my computer to a midisport UNO connected by the camera connection kit to the ipad. Giant hassles! Now with the IODock, I just go directly from the computer to the dock. No midi devices whatsoever between the computer and the iPad. Sweet!!

3. Flexible outputs… Since there are quarter inch output jacks and a headphone jack, I can use whichever I need to. Sometimes playing live, I can experience the iPad being too quiet… The headphone jack on the IODock gets *crazy* loud. So I have options for different mixing environments.

4. Looks professional. Always helps. Ima cover up this giant Alesis logo post haste, guys. (Sorry Alesis.) But the case looks good, the tilt is nice. A definite plus.

And I guess there are a bunch of other things that are in this box, but the items above cover the price of admission for me! Well done Alesis. This seems like it’s going to be a great product.