What is Haptic Synapses?

We’re a group of electronic musicians and artists based in the heart of Silicon Valley who get together and improvise long sets of music and visuals. Preparation is minimal, so what you see and hear is a realtime expression of our collective aesthetic. Our style bridges between techno and house. We like swing, abstract polyrhythms, generative algorithms, and patterns. We are musicians, engineers, builders, makers, technicians. This is how we hear the heartbeat of silicon valley.


Who is Haptic Synapses?

  • Steve Cooley

Steve Cooley is currently working on multiple multimedia media projects… including a step sequencer called beatseqr … http://beatseqr.com : sounds : art

  • Derek Scott

Derek Scott has been making electronic music since 1987, and created the internet-based music label DoBox Recordings. http://doboxrecordings.com : sounds

  • Charles Johnson

also known as QORSER, Charles Johnson is one of the most innovative electronic musicians this side of the Atlantic. sounds

Past participants include:

  • Lucas Rodenbush

An electro-acoustician that has worked with the sound domain for over 15 years. http://lucasrodenbush.com/

  • Alonzo Ordonez

has releases out on multiple labels including silicon valley’s own dobox recordings

  • Patrick Beard

software engineer and laptop musician based in the silicon valley.

  • Jono Kane

Bay Area native noka, otherwise known as Jono Kane, produces unique-sounding electronic music that blends melodic ambient with grimy breaks, as well as electro 4 on the floor beats. Noka music aurally occupies the space that exists between the feet on the dancefloor and the stars in the sky. sounds

  • Chris Leath

One half of El Otro Mundo, Chris is a silicon valley fixture in the underground. Check out his internet radio show every week! Connection details are on his website.

  • Holt Sorenson

Holt Sorenson is a radio dj for KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM. His live continuous mix show, Eclektronik Groove, can be heard monday mornings from 9AM-12PM Pacific Time (US)