20 minute HD clip of haptic synapses playing live at south bay music swap

Here’s us playing at the south bay music swap event in may 2011… I had a lot more footage, but this clip has all three of us in it, so I figured it would be cool to post. I shot it with my gopro hd hero, hence the exxxttrrreeeeme wide angle. Enjoy!

This clip goes on up to 720p… 🙂 youtube has smiled upon me, so I can upload looooonger movies.

Haptic Synapses (2/3 of us anyway) Live at the Euphrat

Steve Cooley and QORSER - haptic synapses - live at the Euphrat
photo credit: Solarno!

Derek was unable to join us, so QORSER and I did our best to rock out at the Euphrat at De Anza College. Here’s the recording:

Haptic Synapses live at the Euphrat

I can hardly believe it, but Solarno drove up 5 hours to see the show!! Whaaaat! Thanks dude! It was awesome to talk all kinds of shop with you afterwards!