Steve’s new album: My So Called Music, vol. 3

Yo, it’s Steve here.  After reviewing my soundcloud page, I realized that I have ended up with 80 tracks posted that I recorded while playing on my hardware setup as it’s evolved over the past year.  I posted it as an album on Bandcamp, so check it out! My So-Called Music, volume 3 by steve cooley

Upcoming: live at bliss factory

——-Original Message——- From: Sean Ocean Subject: [DEF] BSP: 1.29.10 Radio Integrated Live from the Bliss Factory with Haptic Synapses & Alixr Those who have been following the Radio integrated broadcasts over the last couple of years will know every broadcast is an informal party full of surprises, torrents of free flowing beer, Chinese take out, new friends and of course… Read More …